When it comes to aviation lighting, Duraline is a top-quality provider.

We have more than 70 years of industry experience, and our products are tailored to fit your needs. We have a variety of portable lighting products with waterproof and vapor proof options for wet and outdoor locations, handlights-1024x702so regardless of whether you’re in a hangar or on the runway, you can find the lighting system that works with your environment. We offer LED lamps that produce high lumen output at reduced energy costs, ensuring that you have maximum visibility for all of your airplane maintenance needs.

All of our products are built sturdy, using the best in American manufacturing, and rigorously tested by outside NRTLs to ensure that each product complies with the strictest of safety regulations. Our engineers are ready to work with you to find custom lighting solutions that work for your situation, because we recognize that each customer is unique, and we want to ensure that you get what you’re looking for.

At Duraline, we pride ourselves in providing the highest quality to all of our customers, and that’s why we’re confident that you’ll love our products.

Call 386-873-2990 to speak with one of our aviation experts about your current electrical needs.

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