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Duraline takes pride in providing quality lighting and power solutions for construction and mining operations worldwide.

Duraline offers reliable and durable lighting solutions that provide superior illumination, enhancing visibility and safety on construction sites.  Our power distribution boxes provide efficient and reliable distribution of electricity, enabling multiple tools and equipment to be powered simultaneously. By utilizing Duraline’s lighting and power distribution boxes, construction yards can improve productivity, optimize workflow, and create a safer working environment for their workers.

These solutions contribute to streamlined operations, reduced downtime, and enhanced efficiency in construction projects, ultimately leading to the successful and timely completion of tasks.

We have been in business for over 70 years because of our unwavering commitment to producing high-quality products. Don’t wait to explore everything we have to offer!

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Top  Products for Construction and Mining

Temporary Lighting Stringer

Temporary Lighting Options

Our lighting systems are reliable and flexible for temporary or transitional work environments. Whether you’re working on construction sites, event setups, renovation projects, or emergency response situations, our lighting systems offer the perfect blend of performance, convenience, and safety.

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Power Blocks


Power Distribution Products

Duraline has developed Watertight/Submersible Power/Weather Proof Power Distribution Blocks that are specifically designed for outdoor and wet environments. These blocks, which accept Duraline plugs and replaceable receptacles, are made from durable rubber and can withstand a crushing force of 500 lbs.

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Spider Assemblies


Spider Assemblies and Adapters

Duraline’s Molded Spider Assemblies provide multiple outlets from a single power source. These solid rubber assemblies can include Duraline or NEMA-type plugs and connectors. All Spider Assemblies and Adapters are molded to heavy-duty SOOW power cords rated at 600 volts.

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