Duraline takes pride in providing quality products to shipyards all around the country.

Our portable lighting systems have options for waterproof and vapor-proof fixtures ideal for outdoor and wet locations such as a shipyard or a boat deck. All of our products are made using flame retardant and UV stabilized heavy-duty 600 volt SOOW rubber cables and are tested by outside NRTLs to ensure regulation compliance, so you can rest easy knowing that our products provide maximum safety. In the event that you’re looking for something specific, our engineers are ready to work with you to create a custom lighting solution that fits your needs.

Our dedication to quality products is the reason we’ve been around for more than 70 years. Don’t wait to explore everything we have to offer!

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Top  Products for Shipyards

Temporary String Lights


String Light and Temporary Lighting

Our Temporary Lighting Systems are designed to provide reliable and flexible lighting solutions for various temporary or transitional work environments. Whether you’re working on construction sites, event setups, renovation projects, or emergency response situations, our lighting systems offer the perfect blend of performance, convenience, and safety.

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Ship to Shore Connectors


Ship to Shore Connectors

Duraline’s Navy Shore Power Single Pole Cam Type Connectors have been the preferred standard for supplying 3-phase power to ships at dockside for over 50 years. These connectors are tested to meet Navy specifications and offer heavy-duty, vibration-resistant, and fully insulated construction, ensuring reliable conductivity and maximum efficiency.

Compatible with Leviton and Eaton Cam Lok series.
Proudly made in the USA.

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Welding Preheat Treating System


Welding Preheat Treating Systems

Duraline welding preheat systems are effective in many industries, including refineries, pipelines, and mining. They offer preheating, post-heating, and stress relief, and are safe, easy to install.  They also have a long lifespan and come with technical support.

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