duraline-logo-400Proper lighting is essential to any construction site, ensuring the safety of workers while also enabling them to complete construction on schedule.

handlights-1024x702At Duraline, we offer top-quality lighting systems designed to meet all of your construction needs, including portable task/trouble lights with standard and waterproof designs, as well as vapor-proof portable lighting systems that work well in any environment, so that you never need to worry about where a construction project might take you. All of our products are built with durability in mind, with sockets that include a heavy-duty, internal crush-proof ring around the screw shell, as well as an external grounding ring, and protective guards and globes designed to provide long-lasting protection for lamps and sockets.

All products are customizable to meet any and all of your construction needs. Duraline has maintained a strong relationship with the construction industry for more than 70 years, and the proof is in our products.

Call 386-873-2990 to speak with one of our construction experts about your current electrical needs.

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