4MP110 to 4FP110 Connection Clamp – A226051



Duraline 4MP110/4FP11 Connection Clamp. A customized Connection Assist Tool for 4MP110 and 4FP110 connectors.
Heavy-Duty Dual Reversible Trigger Bar Clamps with Custom Machined Aluminum Connector.  Seats allow 4MP110, 4FP110, and similar variants to easily be plugged together and disconnected.

For use with: 4MP110 and 4FP110 4 pin products Products

If your requirement cannot be filled by our Duraline 4MP110/4FP11 Connection Clamp, we can custom design one that does. Our custom design process allows for quick turnaround tool design and can accommodate short as well as long runs. Many styles are available. If there are any questions or concerns. Contact our sales team at 386-873-2990 or via our contact form HERE

Additional information

Weight 16 lbs
Dimensions 16 × 16 × 12 in