518 JR Male Panel-Mount Connector with Locking Ring – Male – M151842-XXXB-YYY-ZZZ

Example: 535 DLO cable or 500 MCM type W
Example: 25 feet
123 = Color Example EWR for 1 Black 1 White and 1 Red
E= Black , W= White, R= Red, Y= Yellow, G= Green, O= Orange. H= Brown, B=Blue
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518 Jr Male Panel-Mount Connector.
The Assembly Includes Locking Ring and a Cap
All Parts are made to order:
XXX in the part number is for the Cable Size
YYY in the part number is for the Overall Length
ZZZ in the part number is for the Connector Color
Please specify each when requesting a quote.

Duraline 518 Series – high power connectors feature an innovative 360-degree, ball and socket locking collet design. This allows the connector pairs to be mated and locked without regard to a specific orientation. There is no cam or keyway to line up, and there are no polarizing positions or twisted cables to worry about. When engaged, the locking ring provides positive locking force while allowing free rotation, even with rigid cables.  518 Jr. Male Connectors are suitable for applications requiring a current range of 150 to 300 amps. When connectors are mated and in the locked position, they have a retention force of 100 lbs. The 518 Jr. is available molded to #4 to #1 AWG and 1/0 to 3/0 MCM Black Cable

If your requirements cannot be filled by our 518 Jr Male Panel-Mount Connector, we can design one that does. Our custom design process allows for quick turnaround tool design and can accommodate short and long runs. Many styles are available. If there are any questions or concerns. Contact our sales team at 386-873-2990 or via our contact form HERE

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Weight 9 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 8 × 5 in
Cable Size