LED Lighting Streamer – Mighty 5 Block – Hanging Grommet & NEMA Plugs – 14/3 – Black – M195105-014B-050-BLK



LED Lighting Streamers Mighty 5 Block with Hanging Grommet for Outdoor Wet Locations on 50′ of 14/3 SOOW Cable. 5′ lead, 5′ tail, and 10′ spacing between sockets. 5-15P NEMA male plug on one end, and a 5-15R NEMA female plug on the other end. All Black. 1100 Lumen per Block, 5500 Lumen Total.

Duraline’s new compact Mighty LED Light Streamers will generously illuminate a vast area with its high intensity light. These safe and effective overhead lighting blocks are equipped with either a hanging grommet assembly or magnetic mount. making them ideal for portable job site lighting, tunnels. tents. construction sites, and more.

The durable Lexan lens ensures protection against damage even in the harshest environments, giving the assembly an IP67 rating. These assemblies are molded in solid, UV stabilized, flame-retardant rubber, and our molding process ensures no air gaps or voids, while still offering hassle-free installation of any spare parts. Every part is integrally molded directly to the cable making it virtually indestructible and is available on 12/3 or 14/3 SOOW cable, with customized configurations to fit your needs perfectly. Each assembly weighs approximately 3 lbs. and produces 1100 lumen. 5000 kelvins. on less than 11 watts. These lights are 6″ long. 2.75″ wide, and 311 tall. Our full coverage light stringer guarantees years of service!

All assemblies come with all necessary guards and LED lamps, so no other purchases are needed. All streamers have 10′ socket spacing, and NEMA 5-15 plugs on 5′ lead and tail.

Duraline LED Lighting Streamers offer superior safety and performance of solid molded rubber construction that will last for years outperforming inexpensive PVC or TPE models.

These LED lighting streamers are made to order and can be customized for your application. Insert your desired Cable Size and Cable Length for your Power Extension above to receive your price quote. If any questions or concerns feel free to contact us at 386-873-2990

Additional information

Weight 27 lbs
Dimensions 16 × 16 × 16 in
Cable Size