X-Power E1023 J Series Molded to Cable Male Pigtail – White – Male – XPWR23M-535B-050-WHT



Duraline X-Power Male Pigtail E1023 J Series Connector molded to Cable with Caps. Color White

Duraline’s X-Power Cam Type Ship to Shore J Series Electrical Connectors are the industry standard for reliable service under the most severe operating conditions. Duraline ® Cam-type positive latching connectors are the standard used by all Navy facilities and shipyards, both in the USA and abroad. Nobody puts a connector through its paces like the Navy. That’s why they’ve ranked Duraline ® Electrical Connectors are the finest connectors available. Duraline ® connects industries – from utilities to transportation, shipbuilding to food processing – and can implement a solution for virtually any water and environmental power distribution problem. Our connectors can handle up to 1,100 amps and 5,000 volts and are built with up to 20 conductors.


Duraline® Electrical Connectors are built right and built tough in the USA, so you know you can trust the quality. We have a 50+ year track record of reliability in the harshest environments to prove it. They all feature solid, molded thermoset rubber construction with no voids or air gaps and solid copper alloy contacts that are sized to reduce heat buildup and increase product life. Whether submerged in water, dragged through the mud, or run over by a speeding truck, Duraline® Electrical Connectors make connections that last. No matter how extreme the environment or hazardous the conditions, you can turn to the company with the world’s highest quality, custom-designed, submersible, IP68-rated connectors and lighting. We build positive latching ball nose, J-style, long shroud and polarized styles for virtually any heavy-duty application. We can also build custom styles in custom colors to fit your specific needs.

Xpower Cam Type Connections can be made to order and customized for your application. If our Xpower Male 50″ Pigtail does not fit your needs, we may have a custom option available. Request a quote for a custom cable option here:  Xpower Custom Cables 

If any questions or concerns feel free to contact our customer support team at 386-873-2990

Additional information

Weight 55 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 8 × 5 in
Cable Size