Duraline 36″ Aluminum Strip Heater – No Cable / Connector – D36AF2-2000

Example: 535 DLO cable or 500 MCM type W
Example: 25 feet
123 = Color Example EWR for 1 Black 1 White and 1 Red
E= Black , W= White, R= Red, Y= Yellow, G= Green, O= Orange. H= Brown, B=Blue
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Duraline 36″ Strip Heater and Shoe D36AF2-2000
230 Volts, 2000 Watts, 8.68Amperes.
(Cable and Plug is not included)

Preheating steel before welding is essential for top-notch results. It minimizes thermal shock, decreases the cooling rate, and drives out moisture, reducing the risk of cracking. Preheating improves weld penetration, makes the material more malleable, and reduces residual stresses, enhancing quality and durability. It is especially important when working with thicker materials, high-strength steels, and materials prone to cracking.

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If your requirements cannot be filled by our 36″ Strip Heater and Shoe D36AF2-2000, we can design one that does. Our custom design process allows for quick turnaround tool design and can accommodate short and long runs. Many styles are available. If there are any questions or concerns. Contact our sales team at 386-873-2990 or via our contact form HERE

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Weight 4.5 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 8 × 5 in