Heaters – 14/3 SOOW – M331612-500-015

Example: 535 DLO cable or 500 MCM type W
Example: 25 feet
123 = Color Example EWR for 1 Black 1 White and 1 Red
E= Black , W= White, R= Red, Y= Yellow, G= Green, O= Orange. H= Brown, B=Blue
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THERMOSTATIC HEATER 500 WATT 480 VOLTS (12AF4-500) ON 15′ 14/3 SOOW-A 105 DEG CABLE WITH 30MFP3 MALE FUSE PLUG RED 480 Volt Single Phase nichrome element with packed magnesium oxide insulation and inconel sheath. Elements are embedded in an aluminum shoe with a reflecting cover. Assembly is complete with a 30MFP-3 Male Fused Plug Molded to 14/3 105 Deg C SOOW Cable and strain relief.

Additional information

Weight 25 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 8 × 5 in
Cable Size

14/3 SOOW