Vulcanizing Press – 350 MCM – A300106-1

Example: 535 DLO cable or 500 MCM type W
Example: 25 feet
123 = Color Example EWR for 1 Black 1 White and 1 Red
E= Black , W= White, R= Red, Y= Yellow, G= Green, O= Orange. H= Brown, B=Blue
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Vulcanizing press w/350 MCM bushings.
Vulcanizing presses consist of a molding press, cable bushings, and one set of male and female mold stop blocks for one connector series.
For use with E1017, E1019, E1023, E1046, E1047, E1048, E1055, E1056, E1057 and E1058 style connectors.

BEFORE ORDERING A Vulcanizing press w/350 MCM
Please note: Not all 350 MCM cables are the same diameter.
Please be ready to provide 1 sample piece of the cable you intend to use so the bushing in the press can be properly sized for optimum vulcanization. If there are any questions or concerns. Contact our sales team at 386-873-2990 or via our contact form HERE

Additional information

Weight 35 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 8 × 5 in
Cable Size

350 MCM