DE1022-58-DS1-FA Ball Nose 22 Series Cam Type In-Line Double Set Screw Female Red



Duraline Standard Female E1022 22-Series Red Female 350 MCM – 500 MCM Field Attachable Ball Nose Positive Latching Cam Type Double Set Screw Connector and Sleeve.
– Mating Male DE1022-108-DS1-FA

Duraline Field Attachable Double Set Screw Style E1022 Series Single Pole Latching Cam-Type Cam Type In-Line Double Set Screw, rated up to 690 Amps providing heavy-duty, completely insulated connections.
High locking pressures are developed and there are no external metal parts and no tools required to connect or disconnect. Both male and female connectors are protected by a shrouded-style insulating sleeve. The shrouded insulating jacket extends beyond both male and female contacts, for total insulation. Insulators are available in several colors for phase identification. Typical applications include motor connections, generators, power panels, and ship-to-shore systems.

If your requirement cannot be filled by our Red Female Double Set Screw 22 Series Connector and Sleeve, we can custom design one that does. Our custom design process allows for quick turnaround tool design and can accommodate short as well as long runs. Many styles are available. If there are any questions or concerns. Contact our sales team at 386-873-2990 or via our contact form HERE.


Additional information

Weight 3.5 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 2.5 × 2.5 in
Cable Size